Packages sent from Prague

 Shipping of parcels from Prague to Athens takes place within the bus line, once a week in the summer season and once every two weeks in the off-season – you can find an overview of all departures in 2024 here.

 Shipments to be sent to Greece are received at the Korona Travel office at U Sluncóvé 71/14, 18600 Prague 8 – inside the Olympik Tristar Hotel, a few meters to the left from the reception – on the dates listed below after opening the DATE RESERVATION link. On Friday, the day before departure, the shipment must be handed over by 12:00 as the latest.

 Shipment price is calculated by weight as a standard, which mainly applies to suitcases, boxes and parcels. On the contrary, some specific items such as television, bicycle, etc. are billed according to the price list, or the price is determined individually.

 If the shipment is handed over on the reserved date and the online form is pre-filled, the price of CZK 70/kg is charged, the minimum total price is CZK 450 (if the shipment weighs less than 6.5 kg).

 If the shipment is handed over without a date reservation and the online form has not been filled out in advance, the price of CZK 80/kg is charged, the minimum total price is CZK 520 (if the shipment weighs less than 6.5 kg).

 Payment is possible in cash in Czech crowns only.

 When handing over, the sender is obliged to show an identity card and sign a declaration about the contents of the shipment.

 It is not allowed to transport: alcohol, cigarettes, medicines, drugs, weapons and explosives, money, gold and other valuables, food except for perishables, spices, aromatic teas.

 In addition to Athens, the shipment can also be transported to Thessaloniki and Larissa, where the recipient can pick it up at the Korona Travel partner office. There is also the possibility to arrange an individual pick-up directly from the bus along the route from Thessaloniki to Athens.


 The shipment is usually delivered to Greece the second day after departure from Prague, on Sunday, and from Monday it can be picked up at the Athens office. Exceptionally, however, it can be delivered one or two weeks later. All shipments received in Prague for transport always leave by the nearest connection, but sometimes they can be stored for a short time during the journey and later transported to Greece by truck. Depending on the occupancy of the bus and other criteria, the carrier decides whether the consignments will travel to their destination by bus or if they will be transported in another way later.

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