Package transport

We provide transportation of baggage, small shipments, and larger items (such as bikes, electrical appliances, etc.) as part of our regular bus service between Prague and Athens and vice versa. This service can also be used separately without personal accompaniment, subject to individual agreement and availability.

The shipment must be delivered at the designated location. In Prague, it is at our office in the Hotel Olympik Tristar (U Sluncové 14, Prague 8) and must be delivered the day before departure. In Brno and other cities, the shipment is handed directly to the bus driver on the day and time of departure according to the timetable. More detailed information will be provided by phone.

Similarly, it is possible to have a shipment sent from Greece to the Czech Republic – in Prague, the shipment is collected at our office, and in other cities, it is according to the agreement. The following information applies exclusively to shipments that are either being sent from Prague or ending in Prague.