Stay in greece

As a carrier operating a bus route to Greece, we did not focus on selling vacations in Greece before. However, we have now decided to take advantage of our opportunities and bring you some selected ideas and tips on how to spend your stay in Greece interestingly and advantageously, not only in the summer by the sea but throughout the year. Greece is beautiful and pleasant throughout the year, and you can enjoy much more than just swimming in the sea.

There are countless historical monuments in Greece, whether ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman from the period of Turkish domination or modern. Likewise, natural beauties offer everything you can imagine, from amazing beaches and bays, through protected natural parks and reserves, to high mountains. Therefore, experiences can have countless forms – swimming and diving in the sea, water sports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, SUP, and many others, fishing from the shore or from the sea, sightseeing cruises, tasting Greek gastronomy, visiting monuments, sports tourism, cycling, trekking, etc.

The following holiday packages always include transportation by our bus line, making them economically attractive. Korona Travel, a transportation and travel agency based in Greece, has standard EU legislative bankruptcy insurance and is authorized to sell its products and services in EU countries.

Thessaloniki 8. – 13. 4. 2023

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